1 in 4 Children in the UK Live in Poverty

Another busy week of referrals – a cot mattress and bedding going to a mum who’s child is in child protection; cot, mattress, baby bath, nappies, clothes, toys, new baby bottles, pram travel system, blankets etc, going to a newborn who is living in unsafe conditions and due to go into emergency accommodation; a new double bed base for a mother and child who are in poverty; a new washing machine for a parent in poverty; a Primark voucher for a grandparent who has taken in her grandchild with no clothing; a pram, moses basket, nappies, baby bath, blankets etc to a mother in poverty; a week’s food shopping and guidance with getting transport to school for a mum and child living in a B&B, who only had 49p to last her a week – we had to provide food that could be heated in the shared kitchen (microwave and kettle only); and 2 x stairgates to a child who was in safeguarding.

We appreciate all your continued support – we have a lot of donations in storage at the moment, and will call out for items on here as we need them.