Safe Haven for Young Child

A cabin bed going to a child who has been through an horrific ordeal. We hope this helps provide a safe haven to recover from this, and try to move on. We are also providing a carpet, bedroom items, new cd player, new bedding, clothing, family day out etc.


Moving on from Domestic Violence

A set of bunk beds, nappies, toys, clothes, Primark Voucher (to buy much needed clothing), cot bed and mattress, 3 x Ashley Teddy Bears, toiletries and cleaning equipment – all gone to a mum who has been re-housed following domestic violence. We hope this helps them all start to move forward


Shocking Domestic Violence Figures

It is so sad reading some of the heartbreaking reasons for referrals to our charity. Sadly a lot of them are domestic violence related (being left in poverty after leaving the relationship, fleeing in the night with only a bag of personal possessions, having to start again in a different County with no family/friends for support, children and parent left mentally and physically bruised, ex partner still trying to control them withholding rent/mortgage payments, changes to benefits from joint to single claim). Shocking that this goes on around us – and the destruction of lives that goes on for many years.


Weekly Update

Firstly, a huge thank you to Lynn for covering on her own last week while I was on holiday!! We had referrals for and provided maternity clothes for a mum-to-be in the refuge, a microwave and bedding for a young mum who was homeless and is currently staying in temporary accommodation, 3 x birthday gifts – for the refuge and a family in poverty, 5 x scooters to the refuge, 2 x weekly food shops for families in poverty, cot bedding and toddler bedding for a family who have been in temporary accommodation and are struggling, a new fridge for a mum in poverty, bike locks for a family in the refuge and ladies clothes for the human trafficking refuge.

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